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Waterproof iPod Dock Tuner

Type: iPod/MP3 AM/FM/LW

Waterproof: Yes - IP66

Conformal Coated PCB: Yes

Ready for iPod: Yes

iPhone Compatible: Yes

Dimensions (W x D x H): 216 x 178 x 70 mm

Additional Features: Double seal water protection; Dual Zone operation

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AM/FM/CD/XM/iPod this media center does audio and digital media. Just slide you iPod inside and it is protected against water and dust. This unit also controls you iPod with full navigation of all menus. This unit is also equipped with 2 auxiliary inputs for any other MP3 device that is not any iPod. Having a 50 x 4 amplifier that delivers 200 watts of power spread over 4 separate channels. An IP rating of IP66 gives you the protection needed against water, dust salt/fog and UV. It offers a Stainless Steel #316 Chassis to protect it from corrosion. The circuit boards care conformal coated to protect it from moister by adding some silicon to critical areas for added protection. By putting silicon in the unit there is less air space for condensation to be a issue. The AQ-IP-3B has an LCD Dot Matrix display with 2 stage dimmer control, offers RCA inputs and 4 volt outputs. This unit delivers a DSP (Digital Sound Processor) as well as sub woofer output control. Two Zone offers you the ability to listen to a different source on the front zone and another on the rear zone. AQ-IP-3 is equipped with two 12 volt triggers on/off and four 5 volt triggers that are momentary. The FM tuner has USA/Euro switchable frequency

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