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Waterproof CD Receiver / iPod Controller


Waterproof: Yes - IPx5

Conformal Coated PCB: Yes

Ready for iPod: Yes (USB to iPod cable included)

iPhone Compatible: Yes (USB to iPod cable included)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 182 x 187 x 52 mm

Additional Features: EEPROM no loss memory; 2-zone control

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The CDA-118M is designed for full operation in your boat. The CDA-118M comes in a 1.8 DIN faceplate size, for an easy upgrade for standard marine head units. This unit features a large 2-line LCD screen, viewable in direct sunlight. Skip-resistant CD mechanism ensures continuous playback while you're on the waves. The CDA-118M is fully IPx5 waterproof and salt fog/UV certified. EEPROM no-loss memory, ensures even when the boat is not in use and the battery is disconnected, all your radio presets, zone controls, sound adjustments will stay intact.

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