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Fusion RailBlaza Puck Mounting Solution

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Specialized Mounting Solution

A deep understanding of the watersports market and the need for a purpose-built mounting solution drove FUSION to innovate - the result is the FUSION Puck.

The Puck is a FUSION designed and engineered mounting solution that allows you to securely fit a STEREOACTIVE and/or ACTIVESAFE to the surface of a paddle board, kayak, canoe, dinghy/tinny/jon boat and even a jacuzzi; allowing you to enjoy your music without worrying about losing your stereo to the depths below.

The directional mount system allows you to face the STEREOACTIVE in four directions.

FUSION has partnered with RailBlaza to create a specialized Puck solution that intergrates into this industry-leading mount provider's starport mounting solution. By partnering with RailBlaza we have ensured that you can truly Puck your STEREOACTIVE anywhere.

Simply intergrate into your current RailBlaza setup.

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