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Marine Digital Media Receiver


Waterproof: Water resistant

Conformal Coated PCB: Yes

Ready for iPod: Yes (USB to iPod cable included)

iPhone Compatible: No

Dimensions (W x D x H): 178 x 156 x 50 mm

£492.59 inc. VAT
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The iDA-X100M is a great starting point for your marine system enabling you to play all your music favourites from various audio sources. It's also a perfect partner to enjoy your music library direct from your iPod. Its digital iPod USB Connection allows for easy music program access to the Apple player. A Sub Display Output to the Marine Remote Commander (MC-10) provides the premise for convenient wireless source control from anywhere on the boat. A 2.2-inch full color TFT screen with selectable dual illumination displays artist, album, track information and even the album artwork from your iPod. The iDA-X100M is equipped with rotating double-action knob, to control volume and to instantly find desired Artists or Playlists. A push-in-and-turn motion allows to rapidly scroll through large music libraries using Alpine's Alphabet Search or Percentage Search features. A QuickSearch/Enter button is built onto the knob for fast and easy file navigation. With 24-Bit DAC and dynamic MediaXpander processing, the iDA-X100M is ready for lossless iPod playback performance and a powerful maritime sound experience. To go for best the sound the unit can be upgraded with Alpine's IMPRINT technology processor the PXA-H100. With IMPRINT, Alpine offers a tool that enables automatic measurement of the entire listening area, capturing time domain and the frequency response information from each listening location to process and improve the sound just like the artist intended pure and pristine!

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