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JL Audio Premium Compact Battery Terminal

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JL Audio Premium Series Positive (+) or Negative (-) Battery Connector with Three Wire Outputs: 1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG or 8 AWG

OmniSert™ (Patent Pending)

This unique block terminal design results in better mechanical and electrical contact between the wire and the block.

Detailed Information:
Conventional captured wire block designs use a narrow screw that only contacts the centre of the inserted wire. When tightened, the screw digs a depression into the wire and only applies full pressure in a relatively small contact patch. Additionally, when smaller wires are inserted into the block, the screw does a poor job of gripping the smaller wire, increasing the possibility of an unreliable connection.

JL Audio's patent-pending OmniSert™ technology uses a large diameter screw with a domed contact area that precisely matches the contour of the wire bore. This oversized domed surface evenly applies pressure to the wire over a larger contact area in the body of the block. The design also does an excellent job of capturing smaller wires in the block, eliminating the need for ferrules or sleeves to achieve proper mechanical integrity.

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